Williamsport Wedding Photographer / What Not to Do on Your Wedding Day




So, you're in the wedding planning process and obviously want to have the best wedding ever.  What can you do to ensure that the day goes as smoothly as possible?  Here are my 3 best tips on what NOT to do  to help your day go as planned!

#1 Wear a Dress that Requires Tape or Pins to Stay in Place
This is a huge, huge mistake that you don't want to make.  Virtually every wedding dress I've seen that requires something to hold it in place ends up being very , VERY bothersome.  Pins pop and the garment tape never holds.  You might make it through the ceremony with everything intact, but as soon as you hit the dance floor or sweat, the dress starts falling out of place.  Then, you might spend the whole evening hiking up your dress.  It's not fun and it's not flattering.  I highly encourage brides to choose a dress that fits like a glove even before alterations. 

#2 Decorate the Reception Space the Day of the Wedding
Trying to do too much on the day of the wedding often results in a worn out bride that can't fully enjoy the day.  If at all possible, set up EVERYTHING before the wedding day, preferably by Thursday so you can just enjoy yourself on Friday and Saturday.  Some venues are better than others at letting you have access to the site the week of the wedding.  When booking a venue, definitely take that into consideration.  Also, don't be too proud to ask for help.  The skill of delegation is essential for a bride!

#3 Pay More Attention to Wedding Day Details than the Actual Marriage
If there is one single solitary piece of advice I have for brides, it is to fully immerse themselves in the ceremony.  Really make the actual process of becoming a married couple something to remember.  Writing your own vows, sharing love letters or incorporating unique touches to the ceremony itself are all great ways to really immerse yourself in the marriage experience.  While it's normal to want all the décor and the ambience to be perfect for your day, focus on what really matters...each other!


Tara Betz